lets count how many times I say “ew” out loud this episode

  • fridged hooker
  • fridged hooker by a fucking COP
  • dog woman rolling over to show her belly to Sam
  • black woman in dog collar proudly saying she “belongs” to a white guy
  • also calling the white guy her “master”
  • Dean calling dog woman hot for snapping at him and breathing down his neck
  • Sam the erstwhile dog owner confirming it
  • black blind guy only existing to die

we’re up to eight so far

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    I have loved this season so far, but this episode was downright gross. Look at the other episodes these writers have...
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    Yeesh. So I’m not regretting my choice to stop watching the show after season five.
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    I actually liked most of these- interracial couples on tv are usually a black man and white woman. The hooker was about...
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    true i’m watching but i don’t gotta like it
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  13. defilerwyrm said: yeahhhhhhhhhh they made some baaad choices on this one.
  14. slushiebear said: I took a sigh of relief because she isn’t an actual dog that became a human and then sexual things but then I read this and I feel dirty….blah.
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