omg mom just called out momma-to-be for having an oops baby in front of like 40 people

what the actual fuck

  1. crackinwise said: i have no idea wtf this post says
  2. hips-like-battleships said: oh noooooo
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    The only baby shower I’ve ever been to was for my brother-in-law’s sister and I just watched TV and ate the whole plate...
  4. thedoctorsimaginaryamy said: I went to my friend’s baby shower couple of my months ago and her aunt was clearly taking some sadistic pleasure in torturing her with some so called “games”. It went on and on for hours. People are so weird.
  5. cheesiestart said: yes all baby showers are passive-aggressive just quietly stay by the dip until it all blows over
  6. liripip said: I heard about a baby shower once and quickly decided that I am NEVER attending one O_o
  7. displacedbonds said: That’s…. not very nice.
  8. phaelsafe said: Babies bring out the best and the worst in people. Decent people don’t do stuff like that though….
  9. rhiannon42 said: …um. Wow. >_>
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