Yes, because whenever you visit the Chantry you can’t go five feet without stepping on an orphan - oh wait, that’s right, there’s like five people in the Chantry max at any one time.  They either packed away the orphans in the basement or you’re grasping for reasons to justify a corrupt institution.  Whatever helps you sleep, I guess.

Or there’s story/gameplay segregation. There are parts of the chantry Hawke can’t go into, and it is stated in game that the chantry helps orphans, including Fereldan ones, when nobody else will, to at least some extent.

ETA: What I mean is, you don’t need to erase the good the Chantry did to argue it was corrupt.

So where was the good, wonderful, loving chantry for the precious little orphans when Evangelina was trying to get them help?

As far as I know, the only orphan the Kirkwall Chantry is shown to have taken in is Sebastian, who’s as politically convenient an orphan as they come.

That’s not to say there aren’t other orphans in other parts of the building that we don’t get to see; or that other Chantries in other towns/countries aren’t more charitable…  but yes, where was Elthina when Evelina was trying to save all those Fereldan kids? And why are there so many parentless children wandering around Darktown—but not in Hightown?

I thought it was a very subtle and very clever hint as to exactly what kind of charity the Kirkwall Chantry is interested in — the kind that looks good to the people with money; the kind that can be used to its own advantage.

Because that’s how Elthina rolls, baby.

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    Anders would technically be a mass murderer. To be a serial killer, it has to be in sequence, not at once. Though given...
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    The two references I remember to orphans in the Chantry are when some of the sisters have dialogue talking about the...
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    Isn’t kind of the whole point of this confession to hint at it somehow being worse that orphans were killed versus...
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    The writers aren’t the ones who emptied the Chantry, the level designers are. I see at is an attempt by the writers to...
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    Just because Bioware doesn’t show us the behind-the-scenes of the Chantry, doesn’t mean that the lore of the Chantry...
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    My sentiments exactly.
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    They probably were.. Now I hate Anders more…
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    i don’t agree with everything in this, but i do agree that the majority of the orphans in kirkwall do appear to be in...
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    FUCKING ANDERS You are so lucky I didn’t kill you on the spot and let you flee.
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    So because we don’t see them in the game, they must not exist, even though the lore clearly states that the Chantry...
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    I’ve had similar thoughts before. To assume that no innocents were caught up in the explosion would be naive at best.
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