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Well, hello all. It’s been awhile. Can we chat?

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And now, with babby! Will update soon


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Okay but chubby Bethany.


Oh my god YES

I may not be so keen on the source material, but I can *totally* get behind a Bridget Jones!AU version of Dragon Age 2, especially with the addition of M!Hawke and Carver who just interfere all the time and provide comic relief. Chubby!Bethany as a Bridget Jones type with Fenris as her Mark Darcy, while Sebastian can take the place of the cad Daniel Cleaver (think about it - he turns into such a rakish flirt around Bethany in the DLCs, it would totally fit) and Gamlen or Meeran can be the pervy uncle and her friends drinking over the get-together would definitely consist of Isabela and Varric giving her advice on her love life (and maybe either Aveline or Merrill as the third friend), and Leandra can have an affair with someone wildly inappropriate, like Bridget’s mum does… or maybe even with a version of Quentin that DOESN’T end in her death…. yes yes yes yes yes I can get behind Bridget Jones AU!Bethany and Bethris

If you or anyone else writing it can even work in a little bit of Carver/Merrill or M!Hawke/Anders in there as a secondary pairing, I will love you forever :-D

oh my GOD YES




I still have to make the letters and the heat-and-bond on the skirt part came undone so I have to somehow make this bastard work but for all intents and purposes it’s p done

can’t see shit captain

I’ll be debuting this at NMA in Traverse City, MI if anybody’s curious

Man, I really wish I were going to this con, so that I could spend literal hours trying to get the perfect shot composition of some schlub putting mail in this person’s costume and having it be berated by the person who develops it.

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EUROPEANS TAUGHT FOR CENTURIES that Africa had no written history, literature or philosophy (claiming Egypt was other than African). When roughly 1 MILLION manuscripts were found in Timbuktu/Mali covering , according to Reuters “all the fields of human knowledge: law, the sciences, medicine,” IT DID NOT MAKE MAINSTREAM NEWS as did the lies taught by Europeans concerning Africa

Someone asked me to somehow “verify” that this story is real.

Of course it’s real! The PROBLEM with the coverage regarding these manuscripts is that they’re constantly portrayed as being in “danger” because many of them are still in the possession of Malian descendants. About 700,000 have been cataloged so far, and they have had to be moved in part because apparently extremist groups have tried to firebomb them. Many others are still in the possession of the families they have been passed down in.

Some of these collected manuscripts are being housed in exile, but mold and humidity have been a constant threat. They have been raising funds to try and preserve these manuscripts-you can read more about the project to house and protect them here.

A bit of the history of these manuscripts from National Geographic:

These sacred manuscripts covered an array of subjects: astronomy, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, judicial law, government, and Islamic conflict resolution. Islamic study during this period of human history, when the intellectual evolution had stalled in the rest of Europe was growing, evolving, and breaking new ground in the fields of science, mathematics, astronomy, law, and philosophy within the Muslim world.

By the 1300s the “Ambassadors of Peace” centered around the University of Timbuktu created roving scholastic campuses and religious schools of learning that traveled between the cities of Timbuktu, Gao, and Djénné, helping to serve as a model of peaceful governance throughout an often conflict-riddled tribal region.

At its peak, over 25,000 students attended the University of Timbuktu.

By the beginning of the 1600s with the Moroccan invasions from the north, however, the scholars of Timbuktu began to slowly drift away and study elsewhere. As a result, the city’s sacred manuscripts began to fall into disrepair. While Islamic teachings there continued for another 300 years, the biggest decline in scholastic study occurred with the French colonization of present-day Mali in the late 1890s.

So yeah, basically the story of this collection’s source more or less ends with “…but unfortunately, colonialism”, as do most of the great cities of Africa, the Americas, and some parts of Asia.

Also, as an additional consideration:

With the pressures of poverty, a series of droughts, and a tribal Tureg rebellion in Mali that lasted over ten years, the manuscripts continue to disappear into the black market, where they are illegally sold to private and university collections in Europe and the United States.

Notice where the blame is placed here via language use: on the people in poverty forced to sell their treasures, as opposed to the Universities in Europe and the U.S. buying them.

It’s really just another face of Neocolonialism.

Fun fact: I only learned about that library by playing one of the Civilization games where it exists as a wonder

One of the many reasons why Medievalpoc is also about representation in all types of media.

One of the most important ways the past affects us all today is the media we create about it. History is a story, and a story bears the mark of each teller it passes through. So, each time we tell a story, we have the power to shape it as it passes through us, to others.

Whether we’re writing textbooks, fiction, or articles; sharing something on Facebook, teaching a class, playing a game, or texting our moms, we make choices in how we phrase things and frame information. When you hold things in your mind, like the Library of Timbuktu, and think about how it interacts with everything else you know, it will affect your words and behavior, which in turn affects the people around you.

As I wrote about yesterday, Colonialism in many ways involves telling lies about entire nations and peoples, and using power, ruthlessness, and brutality to make them into almost-truths. After all, if you burn the manuscripts of an entire people and then tell them they have no history; if you make teaching what remains of their history illegal, is that not violence? Is that not genocide?

I’m sure there are those who would call that an exaggeration or hyperbole, but these are often the selfsame folks who are moved to violence to defend the idea the European history is populated entirely and without exception by people we in the U.S. would consider white today. We can pretend all we like that this vision of an all-white historical Europe came from nothing, no one, and nowhere, as if it is undiluted truth that comes to us untainted by centuries of colonialism. But the facts are that you can point to specific moments, authors, and articles that show the turning points; that show these ideas being born. You can read Race Mixture in the Roman Empire by Frank Tenney (from 1916) and see how articles like these shaped American views of race in antiquity; how the racism of 1916 was imposed onto Classical Antiquity. And these are the same people who decided that an entire continent did not have books, had no written history.

Why do we know what we know? Where does it come from? And how does the media we are creating today reflect it?

Okay, so there’s a lot here, and it’s an excellent example of how “objective sources” have biased language, among other problems.

But can we go back for a moment to the idea of roving universities? :D

Filing away to send to creative team. 

one more thing I am grateful for: my current physical inability to shave my legs and my complete lack of fucks to give over it

i have light skin and dark body hair so it’s not like my hair is camouflaged or anything

but so far nobody has even noticed

or if they have, they haven’t said anything to my face, because lbr, who’s gonna give crap to a pregnant lady about her yeti stems, hmm?

if they did i might just eat them

it-is-hilarious replied to your post: things i am grateful for, in my time o…

please, please, PLEASE watch the pride and prejudice miniseries from bbc (1995). IT’S AWESOME

I have seen it. I hated it.

Yes, yes, blasphemy, heresy, I have no taste, yadda yadda. Honestly I think it comes back to “your” P&P adaptation being whichever you saw first, you know? Kind of like “your” Doctor is whichever one you started with.

For me, I saw the Joe Wright one first, and going back to the BBC miniseries was a huge disappointment.

things i am grateful for, in my time of neverending labor:

  • jane austen film adaptations (so far i’ve watched: the jonny lee miller emma miniseries, the 1996 (?) mansfield park [also with jonny lee miller who really should be in everything all the time forever more], the emma thompson sense and sensibility, the kiera knightley pride and prejudice [of course], clueless) thank you netflix
  • WiiU (holy shit mario kart 8 and windwaker HD remake yessss)
  • iron maiden
  • that yoga ball i once bought, which now i use for hate-bouncing
  • my mp3 player, which allows me to go on walks while ignoring that one obnoxious question my neighbors will not stop asking, namely, “haven’t you had that baby yet?” (I SHOULD THINK GOOD SIR FROM MY TURBO WADDLE THAT IT IS OBVIOUS I HAVE NOT)
  • hate bouncing on the yoga ball i really can’t stress that enough
  • ben and jerry’s ice cream, in all its many wonderful flavors, the protein and calcium content of which allow me to trick myself into thinking i’m eating something good for me
  • the ducks always chilling out in the pond by our house, no matter how many walks i take over the course of a day, you guys rock
  • crossword puzzles, which are about the limit of my mental ability right now
  • that one nurse who assured me that yes it sucks that my body is taking so long to do what it needs to do but that it’s evident things are progressing, you deserve a gold star my dear woman, all the gold stars for you 
  • all the really gross TMI things that your body does to confirm you are in fact about to have a baby, in all my life i have never been so happy to have so many yucky things come out of me 
  • HATE BOUNCING you guys really ought to try it

Out of Context Theater: “Hangar 18 would be awesome, except it’s about aliens and not dragons.”

psa: if you let it, labor can last a long fucking time y’all

oh for the love of god

am i really going to be the first woman in human history who was pregnant forever

this is not the way i wanted to make my mark on the world

so far so good

Still laboring at home for the time being, but I am, in fact, laboring, which is progress. Hoping to be ready for the hospital sometime later today. If I go silent for a few days, you know where I’ll be :D