So, writing-wise, how is The Masked Empire?

I know I’ve teased about Solas’s long-johns, but my god if Baldie McButtChin’s design hasn’t grown on me a billion-kajillion percent in the past few weeks. Something about his humble clothing, the lack of tattoos, his baldness (have we ever seen a bald elf before?), all of it just screams to me “INTERESTING BACK STORY”.

Of all the announced new companions, I think maybe he’s the one I’m most excited to know more about.


Just setting the mood for the next few weeks.

Great list… but that last band, Winny Puhh, wasn’t in 2013’s Eurovision Final. They didn’t even qualify past the Estonian semis. 

I nominate DJ Bobo’s 2007 classic “Vampires Are Alive" to take its place.

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hell yeah i want sci-fi to consider the female audience ‘cause it so often doesn’t do that!!!

but oh my god does it make me laugh that the writers of the trek reboot were so completely, woefully uneducated about the star trek fanbase that they thought they’d be the first folks to get the ladies into star trek (and that they’d need to do so with anything other than compelling, dynamic female crew members like in the original series)

like excuse me

do you even know anything

dear j.j. abrams,




There you go, further confirmation that Cameron’s interview might’ve just been a little bit of foot-in-mouth. Sadly sometimes happens when you translate spoken words to print, or have to chop up interviews for articles to get the most exciting bits.

For what it’s worth, David Gaider has said on Twitter about the Cameron Lee romance interview that:

Really wish the topic hadn’t been broached like that. Ah, well. All will be cleared up in time. [X]

So it seems that maybe what was said wasn’t necessarily what was meant, and that perhaps that whole bit about “realistic” sexuality and characters with “one solid sexual orientation” just came out wrong.

IDK if that helps put anyone’s mind at ease about the interview at all; I just thought I’d pass the comment along.

Another day, another BioWare employee sticking his foot in his mouth about sexual orientation.

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Hello I'm pretending to be a neckbeard to see more laughter gifs. Let's see... Women are naturally more flexible than men this is why they can swivel their waists so I can look and their always-perky boobs and luscious melon butts at the same time. Evolution. To attract men. Yes.
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this one seems particularly appropriate:

if these misogynist neckbeards keep sending me asks i’m gonna run out of laugh gifs pretty soon

(that’s a lie i’ll never run out of gifs)

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I agree with whoever wrote "Most women in gaming look normal and not sexualised it's not a big deal like damn" except for when it comes to Japanese video games.. In games like GTA, women are sexualised as much as they are in real life
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Most women in gaming look normal and not sexualised it's not a big deal like damn
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*deep breath*


Dragon Age: Inquisition



no but we need to talk about those furry eyebrows and that strong jaw and those sweaty too-short bangs and that unhealed cheek scar and about how cassandra isn’t here to be your damn beauty queen because she’s here to fuck shit up but guess what she’ll do it looking gorgeous anyway because fuck you that’s why

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