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btw, how is working out the plan to breastfeed while videogaming? that sounded like a cool plan.

Well, at this age it’s a lot easier said than done. He’s kinda small and floppy, which makes it hard to hold a console controller. (Maybe it gets easier once they’re larger?)

I can, however, brace a 3DS on my nursing pillow, so I’ve been playing the new Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover game, which probably means that the Raptor’s first word will be “OBJECTION”

oh jesus now he’s chewing on my shoulder aHHHHHH

help help the raptor’s swooping




what happens if u put a werewolf on the moon is a great question probably the best question ever asked

he’ll explode and die because there’s no oxygen on the moon

We never said we’d send him up without a suit you absolute monster

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It took me 12 years to go frame by frame and realize that weird lag I had always noticed was Tulio pausing to kiss Miguel before pushing him off the cliff in a desperate attempt to save their lives…


The Road to El Dorado: Miguel & Tulio: The original script had them be lovers, calling each other ‘darling’ and such. Although the idea was shot down, they left in scenes where you can kind of tell what they were pushing for.”


You’re forgetting the scene in the beginning where they’re prisoners in the ship. Tulio is lifting Miguel so Miguel and look out, and Tulio briefly rubs his face against Miguel’s ass. Best. ever. 



fucking get me started


on my gay analysis

of El fucking Dorado


^This part is subtle and often missed. At the end, when Tulio and Miguel are reunited, they run to hug each other and Altivo interrupts just as Tulio has his hand on his pal’s waist.

All gifs here made by me because SACRIFICES! I actually have hundreds more to make but who knows if I’ll ever finish—especially since my hard drive kaboomed and I lost my perfectly organized clips.

Edit: AHH IMAGES FIXED. SO SORRY ABOUT THAT.  Some of you have been asking for further analysis. I direct you to a fic study I did on their relationship in the movie: The Magnificent.

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Zidane spends Act 1 pretending to care, going through the motions without ever really understanding or even questioning why he does the things he does; in that regard, he’s an awful lot like Steiner and the Black Mages. Zidane solves problems, helps people, and generally behaves like a dashingly heroic storybook rogue, all without ever asking himself if it’s even what he wants to do.

And like Steiner, like the Black Mages, Zidane slowly awakens; he has to learn to not just question himself but to consider himself; to think of his own wants and fears as part of the equation of his action. He learns it by traveling with and being influenced by those who do nothing but question themselves (Garnet and Vivi); those who don’t run away from their doubt and fear, even though they don’t necessarily know how to make it go away.

It’s hard to tell unless you look closely, because he’s so good at playing his role; but the truth is Zidane begins the game as empty as all the rest of the puppets, basically just reacting to stimuli rather than thinking for himself. But when he comes back here to sit with Kuja, ready to die for a man who’s done nothing but try to kill him, it is with newfound empathy, because Zidane understands that he is Kuja, or was; and that he can’t not try to save Kuja, because he was once a lost cause too, and still people reached out for him.

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so the saddest shortest story is attributed to hemingway:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

and this came to me at breakfast and i thought it was hilarious. 

pls don’t ruin hemingway for me.

no i will continue to do that

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Without going into details, I think breastfeeding might have forever ruined me on cheese.


this is the 2nd time i’m reblogging this today because i laughed just as hard  as i did the 1st time i saw it

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and now i’m watching the Uncharted movie again THANKS NADIA

because i don’t have a ps3 i watched the entire three-part ‘movie’ someone on youtube made from gameplay and cutscenes. it was amazing, lovely, hilarious, and heartbreaking. i feel like i experienced it and often want to go back and re-watch.

Yes! Here’s a link to the HD “movie” of the first game. Watch the first five minutes and tell me you aren’t completely sold. :)

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your TAGS oh my god - so I should play Uncharted then???
flutiebear flutiebear Said:


Uncharted is one of those rare series that just gets better as it goes along. What starts out as a fun romp through the jungle with lovable action stars will break you in half by game 3. The characters, their relationships, the storytelling, it’s just… UGH I’m just gonna shut up now because really, it’s better if you experience it for yourself.

And when you do you better send me lots of notes about it, because I haven’t gotten a chance to use the Laughing Alone With Salad lady in awhile. :)


so, how’s that renegade apostate life working out for you

from the last suggestion bunch

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Where are you, Sully?
Where are you, Sully?

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